Warehouse Racking

Warehouse pallet racking increases work space

Pallets come in all sorts of different sizes. This can make storing them safely potentially tricky.

Our warehouse pallet racking solutions are designed to store pallets of all weights and sizes in a way that maximises your space whilst still putting safety first.

We are one of the UK’s leading specialists in the design, supply and installation of pallet racking systems, which are manufactured to comply with the highest quality and safety regulations – and you can be assured of competitive pricing.

Our team are experts in providing a range of solutions such as narrow aisle and standard wide aisle pallet racking, which enables easy access for fork lifts.

We work with client warehouses of all sizes and capacities, from the initial planning through to installing the right pallet racking for the space and loads.

Our pallet racking enables you to make the most of the space that you have. These can all be configured according to your needs and makes for easy access for your workers.

Wide aisle pallet racking

  • This is the most widely used storage system
  • Provides ready access to each pallet without the need for specialised handling equipment.
  • Flexible and can be reconfigured if and when your requirements change.

Narrow aisle pallet racking

  • Maximises the use of floor space
  • Requires more specialised lift trucks to manoeuvre goods.


All systems require protection, so easily identifiable pallet racking barriers are essential at ground level to absorb or deflect the impact of a collision by a fork lift truck.

This protects not only the system and the stored goods from damage, but by providing a safer working environment, your employees are also protected from potential injury.


Whether you’re storing large or small boxes of materials, our pallet racking is completely flexible and keeps your operation running as smoothly as possible.

With our expert team on hand to assess your space and needs, even the trickiest products can be safely stored, ready for when they need to leave the warehouse floor.


Every warehouse is different and will handle different products. This is why at Company Image, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach; our team will assess your needs and advise you on the best solution.

Over the years, we’ve worked with various sizes of warehouses and organisations, bringing with us our expert eye and commitment to customer service.

Could your warehouse benefit from pallet racking storage?

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