Transform your workplace productivity

Who knew being on-trend could be so productive?

We all understand the importance of maximising productivity. When the ‘bottom line’ is continuously under scrutiny it is increasingly important to get the most from existing resources – including premises, equipment, or indeed the employees themselves.

Productivity is usually linked with new initiatives, changes to working practice or staff re-organisation. At Company Image we know that modification of the working environment alone can often deliver the most beneficial uplift in output.

So, how can a change in office design and furniture boost productivity? 

Here are just 5 ways that Company Image can help you stay on trend and stay productive:

Considering the individual’s needs

Everyone has their own way of working. When staff needs are met, they work faster and more effectively. This includes comfort of seating (be it height adjustable chairs or beanbags!), location of meeting and desk space or the general atmosphere. Some thrive amongst colleagues, even with background music, whilst others produce their best work with space and silence. Good office design cleverly and considerately lets everyone reach their potential.

Optimising energy levels

Most of us experience peaks and slumps in energy levels and it’s no surprise that we are less productive when we feel ‘sluggish’. At Company Image we look towards new technology to find solutions and Stand Up Desks are one energising innovation we can incorporate into our office design – take a look at how beneficial stand-up desks can be in our blog. Standing for around 5 hours in total every day can keep you less fatigued and more alert – not to mention the reduction of back pain associated with slumping at a desk.

Increasing fitness

Those who visit the gym do so mostly because of the good feeling they get and the benefit to health in the longer term. Whilst it might not equal a 2 hour full body workout, the opportunity to move around or stand whilst working increases heart rate, burns calories, improves circulation and kick-starts metabolism. Increased physical health, improved mental well-being, greater productivity – good seating design is a winner on so many fronts.

Satisfying Environmental responsibility

We are all now very aware of our environmental responsibility and employees expect their workplace to consider factors such as energy use, recycling and sustainability. At Company Image we take care of all of these concerns upon our clients’ behalf, ensuring that the environmental profile of everything we produce is sound and that our office designs utilise resources well, with minimal wastage.

Making it a genuinely great place to work

When a good design is well executed it creates the kind of space which most people would want to work in. Simple as it may seem, happy employees are productive employees. In addition, they will feel highly valued and be more engaged; thus more likely to want to be part of the company’s future success.

When you think of office refurbishment you may instantly think about simply updating style, but at Company Image we bring cutting-edge style and productivity-enhancing substance together beautifully.

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