How the stand-up desk trend could be beneficial for your business?

In an age where we’re using less plastic, eating less meat and focusing more on fitness, our health and wellbeing has become more important to us. This shouldn’t stop when you come to work. Wellbeing should be a number one priority not only for your employees, but for yourself too!

At Company Image, our services have no limitations when it comes to supplying innovative office/warehouse interior. A current trend we have noticed, is the standing desk, an adjustable desk that allows you to sit or stand to complete your work.

Below we’ve highlighted six reasons of how incorporating standing desks would benefit your business:

Wellbeing & Productivity 

A healthy mind equals a happy person. Standing up at work has been proven to increase energy levels which can make staff more productive. This will enable them to leave work feeling satisfied having completed their work.


This is just an adjustable desk. That’s all there is to it, no black magic or hidden traps. It’s a cost-friendly way to ensure your employees are happy and healthy. They take up no more space than a normal desk and it’s completely optional.

Back Pain Reduction

Workers who sit down all day will probably complain about back ache. Sitting with incorrect posture or slouching are a contributing factor. Sitting with the right posture all day can be difficult as old habits die hard, but a standing desk will enable them to do it with ease, taking the strain and discomfort away from their back.

Weight & Obesity 

Standing for a long period of time will burn calories faster than if you were sat down. Granted you won’t burn as many calories compared to working out – but it will burn some and you don’t have to break a sweat in doing it.

General Health 

It’s known that having a short walk or standing after eating will keep your blood sugar level lower. When blood sugar levels are high after meals, it’s bad for your health and will take longer for your metabolism to kick in. Standing is also better for your heart as it is working harder to circulate blood.

Less Time Off Work  
When your employees have a happy mind and are in good health, they will endure less problems. This means having less time off work compared to someone who struggles with health problems, both physically and mentally. 

Final thoughts
Although we don’t expect people to stand for eight hours of the day, a study has found that five hours is the perfect time to stand. Standing for five hours a day can keep you less fatigued and more alert. Happy employees make for an easy work life, get the balance right and you’ll be winning.

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