Soundproofing your office: noise control achieved with acoustic panels

Noise travels in open spaces

As workplaces evolve and the use of space has been transformed in recent years, one problem that remains is noise. Open plan offices and both high level ceilings and suspended ceilings can result in sounds and conversations travelling further, disturbing your employees at their work. It is well known that higher levels of noise are disruptive for staff, compromising efficiency, productivity and ultimately, profitability. Employees need to be able to think and talk clearly without interruption or interference and also be certain that any meetings or phone calls that need to be confidential remain that way – as thinner partitions and ceiling voids do not block sound effectively.

Sound absorbing ceiling and wall acoustic panels in open plan officeSound absorbing tiles

However, good news is at hand, with stylish solutions available to control noise levels without compromising on the design and layout of your office spaces. These days, wall and ceiling mounted sound absorbing tiles and panels come in a bewildering array of colours, finishes, shapes and absorption rates, which means that there will be a product that will work for you.  You could even make a feature of them or take it a step further with the option of adding bespoke imagery.  In addition to wall and ceiling acoustic panels, desk screens are another item that can be installed easily to help break up the sound.

Acoustic solution

We will visit your premises and help you assess the degree and nature of the noise and reverberation – remember, it’s not just the open spaces or thin partitions that allow sound to travel, but hard surfaces reflect sound waves too. With this information, we are then able to model and design a solution to complement your office space and company culture.

We’re proud of our recent installation in a brand new office building, part of a complete fit-out for data analytics firm Tessella in their Ashby de la Zouch office. Take a look at the photos and contact us to find out how we could help you too.

Open plan office with acoustic panels Wall mounted acoustic panels in office  Coloured acoustic panels in suspended ceiling Ceiling mounted acoustic panels

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