How an office refurbishment can benefit your business

How can an office refurbishment benefit your business?

An office refurbishment can seem like an expensive and somewhat daunting prospect but is quite often the exact thing your business needs. If you think your office, or reception areas are looking tired and dull, it’s likely that your staff are feeling the same way. This will of course have a knock-on effect on productivity of the team and also have a negative impact on visitors that are seeing your offices for the first time.

Vivid-office-glass-partition Office refurbishment

Your office and surrounding areas are the first thing prospective clients or visitors see, and if these areas are in need of a bit of a refresh, they are likely to be left with an impression that people don’t really care about the company and its staff, which could lead to them thinking they do not care about their clients either.

However, if the reception and office areas are full of bright, light and quality furniture in a relaxed and contemporary environment, your employees will feel more motivated and inspired to be more productive, reflecting their working surroundings. You’re also ensuring that visitors are wowed by your premises, leaving them impressed and happy to return.


A 2018 article in Management Today highlighted the need for open offices which allows for collaboration. The same article also found that boosting employee wellbeing and engagement is becoming more and more of a priority for employers, and encouraging open meeting and collaborative sessions is just one area a refurbished office can help with.

This indicates that an office refurbishment is an important option to consider and although the project may seem daunting at first, at Company Image we are here to make this process as easy as possible.

We have many years’ experience and our design expertise has been acknowledged within the industry.

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