Office interior design trends to look out for…

When it comes to providing the right workspace for you and your team, there are several factors that you need to consider. And we’re not just talking about making sure everyone has a desk either; the lighting, layout, even the colours you choose are all important aspects in any office refit.

Let’s take a look at some the top trends you should take into consideration when considering a new office refit.

Maximise your space with an unconventional workspace

unconventional workspace to aid productivity

When you think of the word ‘unconventional’ you normally think of something that’s truly unique. And in businesses, unconventional working areas have burst onto the scene in recent years.

An unconventional workspace can be literally any spare space you have in your office. For example, you can design booths or pods for quiet places to work in comfort, or open these up for group work. There’s no limit to the creativity you can have with unconventional workspaces either – you can incorporate sofas or benches, even bean bags if you wanted, into your office design.

There’s a case that unconventional workspaces – those areas you never thought could work as a working area – aid productivity. And that could well be true. More than anything, they provide your office with its own identity and unique design, which can act as a USP for attracting new employees and reducing staff turnover!

Opening up and working together

open space collaborative work

Gone are the days when office working meant hiding away in a cubicle or having colleagues separated by brick walls. Open floor offices have created collaborative working environments which gives people the space to work independently but still feeling part of a team.

When planning your office design or refit, consider having open areas where you can all gather around a table for meetings or even just to have a break together. This could be the perfect place for you to brainstorm ideas and start working on new projects.

With many workers opting for laptops over desktop spaces, these open areas also present a chance for people to get away from the desk and work away from the hubbub of the main office, but still be open to discussing ideas with their colleagues.

An ‘open plan’ office design also ties in with an unconventional workplace. By opening up your office space, you can open your colleagues up to social interaction and an innovative way of working.

Working from home… at the office

commercial office design based on home

You’ve heard of the saying ‘there’s no place like home’. You can design your office space to give your colleagues that homely feeling while at work. Home-inspired areas, complete with little touches such as games tables and seating provide both a level of comfort and practicality.

Employees need to enjoy being at work in order to deliver their best performance. By providing them a sense of working from home, where people most comfortable, you can start to build a relaxed yet professional atmosphere in the workplace.

Using bright, warm colours creates a welcoming commercial interior and with an open office design, you can provide a real homely feel for your teams to enjoy.

The importance of ambience and colour


It’s not only the layout of your office that you need to consider in your designs. Using the right colour scheme is just as important as different colours and tones give off different atmospheres.

For instance, bright colours like red or orange, encourage optimism and so might be ideal in places where people gather for breaks and blue gives a more reassuring, settled atmosphere, making it a popular choice for a number of commercial interior designs.

commercial office interior design

We spend a lot of time inside during our working days, and this can have a significant impact on employee wellbeing. Many businesses are opting for a more ‘natural’ look with plants dotted across the office and plenty of sunlight. Designs like these are especially beneficial if you’re in a city centre for instance, this is known as biophilic design.

Planning your own office design…

Here at Company Image, we believe in designing and refitting commercial interiors for all businesses according to their own unique style. There are plenty of considerations for you to mull over here, but to see our work in action, take a look at our recent project work with Vivid Laminating Technologies, where we project managed a full office and warehouse refit from design through to installation.

To find out more about what else you can consider in your office redesign, get in touch with our team on 01530 267 106 and we’ll help you create a dynamic space your employees will love!

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