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At Company Image we do more than just create beautiful office environments. With careful thought and a deep understanding of the possibilities, we help our clients achieve the kind of atmosphere which can energise and inspire staff in their day-to-day activities.

Re-design is our ‘thing’. From the supply of flooring, lighting and decoration, through to complete office (or warehouse) refits, we utilise our specialist experience to get the most effective results for those we work with. Whilst we know that there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach because everyone works on different ways, we do know exactly how to tailor the available space to meet specific needs.

In businesses where creativity is key, we can make sure that the workspace encourages and supports the generation of those all-important new ideas. We have lots of clever ways to do this of course, but here are just a few tips to get things flowing: 

Incorporate shared spaces
There may be a need for staff to work at their own allocated stations for a portion of the day, but the creation of communal areas where ideas, as well as space, can be shared (especially in a non-structured way) will allow closer collaboration – often a pre-cursor to the most creative ideas

Have moveable fixtures & fittings
The kind of space that you need may alter as your business expands or projects change. Having the flexibility to tweak the overall environment doesn’t just accommodate such changes, it also brings an element of freshness and offers new inspiration. Supporting walls may not be moveable, but partitioning can be altered, and moveable desks can give employees a fresh perspective.

Re-enforce company values
Many businesses want their work to reflect their missions and value – understandably as they are often the principles upon which the company has been founded. The emphasis of these within the office environment can ensure that they are deeply embedded within the culture and can be the inspiration for innovative, new ideas.

Create useable space 
Ensure that the layout will continue to work for you in the future by looking at the nature of the projects you undertake and how they are likely to change. Match the areas within the overall space to where and how employees will work on these projects and allow collaboration or individual private spaces accordingly. Giving employees the exact environment they need boosts productivity and unleashes personal creativity.

Use an inspirational palette
Colour creates mood. Whilst pastel colours can create a feeling of calm (and calm certainly beats stress when it comes to creativity), brighter, bolder colours can be much more stimulating. Oranges and blues are generally the most creative, but these may be a little overwhelming if overused so think about making ‘zones’ and colour accordingly.

How can we help? 
The ideas above illustrate how the design and décor within the workplace can create so much more than just an attractive environment. At Company Image we make sure that our designs cover your needs from every angle -not only addressing the ‘big stuff’, but also all the minor details which can make such a huge difference to the final result. 

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