Culture by design

It’s common to hear companies speak about building culture into their business. By this they are normally referring to adoption of working practices and modification of the general employee conduct which, by natural osmosis, will filter through the organisation and create the desired atmosphere and ethos.

At Company Image, when we speak about building culture within in your business, we actually mean that WE CAN BUILD CULTURE WITHIN YOUR BUSINESS!

As specialists in the redesign of working spaces (be they offices or warehouses, or anything in-between) we work with you to create exactly what you want to achieve for your business and your employees. The Company Image service involves so much more than fixtures and fittings, decoration and furnishings; it involves the transformation of an environment where people actually want to work.

A valuable combination of innovation and experience means that we know the importance of company culture and understand how good design can be used to embed it within the working environment. Essentially you want your employees to feel and live the company culture as soon as they set a foot through the door, and that’s where our expertise comes into play.

Here are just a few of the areas we discuss and consider when we are planning for ‘Culture creation’: 

If there is to be a rigid line between management and the rest of the workforce then private offices are a must however, if the idea is more along the lines of ‘teamwork across the ranks’ then the mixing of management and juniors in one common space might be a much better option.

When the work to be done requires a high level of collaboration between individuals, teams or departments, then a significant proportion of the working space should be open plan. Office furniture too needs to allow for the merging of large groups without the dragging of desks, chairs, cables etc. chaotically across the floor. Meeting or collaboration rooms are a great idea to encourage this to happen.

There are certain sectors – legal and financial being just two which pop to mind instantly – which demand a certain degree of privacy when discussing matters which are not for general consumption. The inclusion of meeting pods, booths or individual rooms, with the necessary amount of soundproofing and visual barriers, guarantees that confidential conversations can be had with the minimum amount of fuss.

If there is little need for workflow to keep to a specific schedule and if meetings are ‘as required’ rather than regimented, then the inclusion of more luxurious and more relaxing office furniture can do much to reiterate that a more casual approach to timekeeping is appropriate. Many businesses also find that soft, casual seating in common areas gives a real home-from-home feel and sometimes decreases the need for employees to rush away.

You could consider encouraging people to cycle to work. Installing showers and lockable bike areas can help with this. Not only is this a greener way for people to travel to work it is also a great way for employees to keep fit. There are some great government schemes to help incentivise this, such as the cycle-to-work scheme.

Many businesses thrive on the back of the individual personalities within the company. In the creative industry, for example, it is often the ‘peculiarities’ which aid the flow of fresh ideas, and nuances in character are therefore nurtured rather than stifled. Where this is the case, allowing the personalisation of spaces within the workplace can be very advantageous but, if this is not considered at an early stage, it can be problematic to live with later.

If this has given you food for thought on how you might be able to use the space where you work to ‘culture a culture’ then get in touch today and let us help you take the first step in your transformation.

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