Designing a new-look office for the New Year? Consider glass partitioning

Glass partitioning fitted to oak beamsConsider Glass Partitioning

Your office is the hub of your business. It’s the place where the magic happens and the hard work takes place. Needless to say, your office needs to paint the right picture for your business, and present a shop front you can be proud of when clients or contacts visit.

Glass can bring immense benefits to different areas of your business. Here are three reasons why a using glass partitions in your office is a stylish and smart investment.

Let there be light

Installing glass partitions in your office maximises natural light. Not only can this cut down on the use of electricity, it can also boost productivity as the sunlight indirectly effects our mood and behaviour. The sun even effects our hormonal balance. Who would’ve thought?!

Letting in more natural light also demonstrates a bright, vibrant first impression to anyone visiting your office. This, coupled with the longer-term savings made from using less artificial light and a happy workforce, makes a winning combination.

A glass office, styled to suit your business

There are many different styles of glass partitioning, all of which can be fitted according to your company’s unique style. They can be easily installed, which keeps any disruption to an absolute minimum.

When Leicester-based Mocha Marketing moved offices, we were only too willing to help them settle in with new glass partitioning walls and doors used to create a modern and open feel to their new home. Coupled with an easy to maintain wood effect floor, we installed frameless glass partitioning which showed clear office spaces without closing the team off entirely.

All of Mocha’s work was completed within a short space of time, largely completed out of hours, within the beautiful setting of a converted barn in the Leicestershire countryside. The Company Image worked closely to explain the options available to Mocha and helped them achieve their vision.

An open and professional working environment

Open-office space is a highly popular choice for many companies as it enables clearer communication between colleagues and boosts team morale. This same message of openness comes across when visitors arrive, helping to start building a sense of trust.

With glass walls and partitions, not only can your team work independently, but they can do so with the claustrophobic barriers of doors and walls completely removed. Double-glazed partitions are also surprisingly effective at reducing noise, which again provides that quiet yet open space to work.

Read more about our process and the services we can provide for different spaces.

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