Looking for ideas to refresh your office interior in 2020?

Gone are the days when dark oak offices meant ‘serious business’ and over-head flickering neon lights were considered the norm. The last decade has seen a dramatic change in office space after research uncovered a strong link between office interior and employee concentration and mental health.

With employee satisfaction now being at the forefront of business style, we’ve put together the upcoming trends of 2020 office interiors, and which styles you should be incorporating in the New Year.  

With rapidly growing cities it’s easy to feel deprived of greenery. More businesses are recognising that plants can boost workplace productivity, resulting in reduced illness and absence amongst their employees. Introducing leafy greenery into your office also creates a calming vibe, as it’s been shown that plants can decrease the nervous system activity which triggers your body’s stress response.

As cities grow, spaces shrink, so many offices are incorporating a rustic interior as a solution to this issue; simple design, natural colours as well as wooden and stone elements to bring the outdoor feel inside.  By introducing a rustic style into your office space you can create a relaxed and calming environment, leading to an improvement in employee productivity.

The quality of lighting in a workplace can have a significant effect on productivity, which is why businesses should be maximising the amount of natural light in their buildings. Workers like having access to daylight in offices, people tend to feel better, more cheerful and energised.

Open plan
Breaking down the physical walls in the office can have a hugely positive impact on your business. It encourages communication and collaboration between employees, resulting in a higher level of employee satisfaction. Numerous studies also indicate that open plan offices let in more natural sunlight from windows and improve air quality through increased air flow. 

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