Power & Data

Power and data solutions are essential for keeping your business running smoothly. These range from simple plug sockets to computer cables and data cabinets. And they’re also an important part of having an office which combines practicality and style.

Power & Data

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Stylish yet safe solutions

As you might expect, there are several regulations around power and data appliances. These are in place to maintain safety but shouldn’t limit your creativity.

For instance, having sockets set up as part of a desk can be practical for employees using laptops or if they need to use multiple devices. Because we work with a team of expert technicians, we’ll also ensure that they’re not at risk when using them.

Even keeping cables tidy can be part of a stylish office design – for instance, power cables can be stored in suspended ceilings and other bespoke products can be designed to keep trailing computer cables out of sight.

It’s also important that data cables are all correctly and installed according to the latest regulations. This is especially true if you use several types of cable throughout your office building. With the expert guidance from our team of technicians, structured cabling networks can be installed with as little downtime disruption as possible.

These are just some of the ways you can implement style into your office designs while still  ensuring a completely safe environment for your teams.

How power and data solutions fit your vision

Having worked with businesses of all sizes, you can be assured your project is in safe hands with our design team. We’re here to make the vision you have for a functional, stylish office a reality.

Our team of designers and technicians work closely alongside you to bring together style and security with practicality. From the initial design through to installation and development, we’ll be there at every stage of the process of creating an office you can be proud of.

Like with many major projects, there’s sure to be some impact on operations, but we’ll work around you to keep this as low as possible and all our work is carried out according to your deadline.

Take a look at why communications cabinets and power outlets were important in our redevelopment of Thermaset’s offices.

Let’s create your solution!

For more about implementing power and data solutions in your office, contact our team today and discuss your ideas.

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