Lighting & Heating

The right lighting is the finishing touch for any new office and is essential for bringing it to life..

Lighting & Heating

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Different lighting styles and tones have a significant impact on the atmosphere and ambience of your office. Lights that are too bright for example can impact on employee wellbeing and choosing the wrong colour can affect the first impression that visitors have of your business.

Lighting and productivity

There are several articles which highlight a possible link between the right lighting in a business and employee productivity. Lighting that’s either too harsh or too dim has been shown to have the most impact.

Harsh or overly bright lighting can trigger headaches or migraines, whereas dim lighting means your employees are having to strain their eyes more than they probably should or need to.

Maximising natural light and combining this with the right tone of electrical light is one way you can address these issues, and our team of design experts can help you find the one that works best for your company.

Lighting for efficiency

Commercial LED lighting is of a high standard and offers a viable alternative to traditional fluorescent tubes and light bulbs.  Panels are available for suspended ceilings and can also be retro-fitted into your existing ceiling – you could even save up to 65% on your energy bills.

Statement lighting

If you’d like a more individual approach, then lighting can be used creatively to produce a range of effects, whether as a feature in itself, or used more subtly to highlight parts of a room or furniture.

Optimum temperature and comfort

It might seem obvious but having a warm office is one of the key ways to create a comfortable environment. Heating is especially important during the colder months but it’s also important that your office doesn’t get too hot in summer as well.

Ensuring that the office is free from draughts and is well-insulated not only makes for a pleasant working environment when the weather turns colder, but can also help cut down on the costs of turning up the radiators.

Safe yet stylish heating solutions

Our design team all have expertise in installing heating and lighting solutions that are not only stylish and sophisticated, but also comply with safety guidelines. We’ll identify places where heat can escape and install the right solutions that offer practicality while keeping running costs down.

We can also install ‘smart’ heating and lighting solutions so that you’re not using more energy than you need and keep your office at the right temperature for productive working and comfort, with the right office ambience.

Install the right lighting and heating solutions for your office

Light and heat are fundamental areas of your office, and our team of experts can help you use these to create the right office atmosphere. We’ll work according to any ideas you have already, or advise you if you’re unsure, and fit your solutions with as little disruption to your teams as possible.

Our lighting and heating solutions can all be tailored to your requirements – after all, each office is different! Speak to our team about finding the right solution for your office, or take a look at how new lighting made for a successful office transformation for Vivid Laminating Technologies.

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