Industrial flooring

Quality flooring is vital for keeping the warehouse running safely and smoothly. Given how much traffic the floor takes over the course of a typical day, the right material is a key factor as is how easy it is to maintain.

Industrial flooring


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Why the right flooring matters

Many warehouse safety hazards can be easily rectified or managed simply by selecting the right type of floor and installing it correctly:

– Each floor is designed to withstand heavy loads and wear from fork lift trucks

– Additional optional safety features such as markings and wording

– Non-slip material can be used at specific points, such as walkways or packing areas

– Different-coloured areas can be used to highlight traffic or pedestrian areas.

– No dust is left after our floors are laid – reducing the risk of slips

– Installation is carried out swiftly to keep disruption as minimal as possible

– All our floors are made using solvent-free materials – improving air quality

– Our floor surfaces can be easily cleaned – keeping maintenance costs low

– Our team will carry out any repairs, such as applying adhesives or repairing erosion

Different types of flooring can also be installed around heavy machinery and used to mark out a safety area around certain machines. This always ensures a safe operating zone and keeps risks to a minimum.

Resin coated floors are flexible and sustainable, designed specifically for industrial and warehouse use and cure quickly, minimising downtime.

Epoxy resins are hard-wearing and can be prepared to ensure they meet the needs of your business:  you might need your floor to be oil resistant, for example, or have an anti-static finish.

Having worked with a variety of warehouses, our experts have a strong knowledge of flooring health and safety regulations. We use quality, slip resistant materials that are not only durable, but contribute to the visual aesthetics of the space.

How industrial flooring ensures a smooth operation  

Warehouses need to remain operational at all times. This is why our flooring solutions are designed to last as long as possible and reduce the need for ongoing repairs, which can disrupt the output of a warehouse, and the materials we use can withstand the pressure caused by fork lifts, machinery and shelving.

It’s not just repairs which can cause disruption; our floors are all easy to maintain, meaning that production doesn’t have to stop for cleaning. Any spillages can be wiped away and safety is also prioritised with the use of slip resistant materials.

Our flooring is always installed with a focus on minimising disruption; we work quickly to get the surface installed as quickly as possible, allowing you to focus on the running of your operations.

Creativity and complete refits

While industrial flooring is designed to be practical, we also believe that it can be creative and help form a company’s identity. Stylish and decorative yet functional flooring can be incorporated in to more heavy-duty areas with a seamless finish.

With our eye for both practicality and style, we work with our customers to ensure their warehouse flooring creates a unique space to work in complete safety and allows them to stand out from the crowd.

Take a look at how our industrial flooring transformed DHL’s Leicestershire warehouse.

Install the right flooring for your warehouse

Whether you just need a stronger surface for certain areas of your warehouse or need a completely new surface, our team will install the right flooring for your needs. We’ll work around you to make sure disruption is kept down and all our surfaces are designed in line with heath & safety requirements.

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