Floor Covering

An office floor goes through a lot over the course of a day, from people walking across it to having heavy furniture or boxes dragged over the surface. Naturally, this means that it needs protecting or built to withstand as much use as possible while still retaining the feel and look that you want for your office.

Floor Covering

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Types of floor covering for the office

There are plenty of floor covering options for your business. Which one you decide on will depend on your vision and style as a company, as well as which room it will be used in. 

  • Carpet – ideal for areas where there is relatively low footfall or for the main working environment. It can also be an option for reception areas so long as it’s well protected.
  • Wooden flooring – this can be used to create a contemporary look to your office and can be used in different areas of the building.
  • Safety vinyl – often a good choice for kitchens or breakout areas, this surface minimises the risk of slips and is easy to clean.
  • Carpet tiles – highly durable and relatively low cost, this surface is a good option for walkways and main offices.
  • Laminate flooring – a stylish alternative to carpet, laminate flooring is also resistant to heavy footfall and is relatively easy to clean or maintain.
  • Barrier matting – this provides additional protection from slips and is also ideal solution for entrance areas, or areas of particularly high footfall.

These options can all be designed to fit in with the style and image you want to display for your business. Speak to our team to learn how else you can be creative when it comes to office flooring.

Stylish and practical solutions for your office

It’s important that the flooring you choose complements the rest of the room and its use. For example, you might opt for bright colour combinations for group working areas, or include logos on entrance matting.  Using different colours or flooring materials to break your space up into zones can be extremely effective.

Employees spend the majority of their week in the office. The right flooring ensures that they have a comfortable environment to work in. 

Take carpet and carpet tiles for example. These can absorb noise from other areas of the office, allowing for better focus, and stylish laminate flooring also creates a vibrant atmosphere for ideas to take shape.

Many of the options we mentioned earlier are easy to maintain, making them cost-effective, and surfaces such as safety vinyl and laminate can be easily cleaned after spillages. And because we use high-quality materials in each floor covering we install, our solutions are made to last even in those areas with the highest footfall.

Putting safety first

Safety is always a key consideration when choosing an office floor covering. As well as slips, there’s also the risk of employees tripping on carpet edges or getting their feet caught on high-friction carpet tiles.

Surfaces such as safety vinyl can reduce these risks and we also make sure that any carpeted areas are firmly secured, resulting in an area that is safe and visually appealing for both employees and visitors.

Take a look at why the right floor covering was an essential aspect of the work we carried out at DHL’s warehouse in Leicestershire.

Why choose Company Image for office floor covering

At Company Image, we take pride in helping businesses to create an office environment perfect for employees and customers. And flooring is just one of the ways to do just that. All of our solutions can be designed and installed according to your unique specifications and requirements, ensuring your office really stands out. 

We always work around your teams and hours to reduce disruption as much as possible and if you have a specific idea in mind, we have the expertise to make it a reality. 

Get in touch with one of our office floor covering experts and talk through your design options.   

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