It’s often the finishing touches that make the biggest difference in a new office refurbishment. From choosing the paint colour which best suits your brand, to arranging where the desks should go, our decorating experts are here to provide those all-important final touches.


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Choosing the right colour scheme for your brand and needs

The colours you choose will depend on the type of business you are and sector you operate in. We can help you decide on the combinations that work best in your office and bring vibrancy to the space.

Whether you choose neutral colours to aid concentration or a brighter palette to boost creativity, selecting the right décor for your office contributes to a comfortable place to work. And our design team is here to make that happen!

We can also advise on which accessories will work best with your new office décor and focus on decorating the space in keeping with your identity and style.

Why decorating is more than just picking out colours

Office decoration is a key part of creating the perfect working environment. The colours you choose can have an effect on employee wellbeing – too bright and they can be distracted and but too dark can cause them to feel demotivated.

Decoration also injects energy into your office environment. Studies have shown that specific colours like orange and blue enhance positivity and mental stimulation, whereas purple can give the air of confidence.

Of course, having the wrong combination of colours can have significant effects too, which is why our design team work to understand what sort of business you operate and how decoration fits in with your brand and identity.

Bespoke decoration solutions

Each business has its own identity and image. At Company Image, we believe in making each office unique, whether it just needs a fresh new look or an entire refit. Even if you’re unsure about what style of décor to go for, our design experts have the solution for you.

Feature walls are a straightforward yet potentially sophisticated or dramatic way to make a statement.  There are seemingly endless options with wording, photography, lighting and textured finishes as design choices, beyond simply paint and wallpaper.  Discussing your aspirations for your office space with us will help you decide whether introducing some contrasting or highlighting features are a sensible use of your budget.

We can create a range of bespoke decoration solutions for you to choose from and will work alongside you to ensure these are in keeping with your expectations or visions. Having worked with businesses in a host of sectors, you can be assured we’ll be able to find the right decoration for you and your staff.

See the difference a new look made for the VIP facilities at Donington Park in Leicestershire and how we fitted our decorating work around the Park’s events and guests to avoid disruption.

Choose Company Image for your office decoration

Speak to our team of office decoration and design experts to discuss your vision for your offices and how we can turn those plans into reality.

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